im saeid , my sure name is pish saraeian , im from iran , its capital is tehran , my mother tongue is farsi and my second language is english
i want learn english for my job , chat, relationship with other person on sites ,
im mechanic engineer but im not speak english :frowning:

Hi Saeid,

How are you? I think this site will be good chance to improve your english. If you dont mind Ill correct your sentences. First of all, You can use capital letters in the beggining of sentece and with names ( for example: “Saeid” and not “saeid”). Also Im Saeid, my real name is Saraeian, (You say "pish" when you donn like something very much ), Im from Iran. Its capital is Tehran. My mother language is Farsi and english is my second language. I want to learn English for my job chat, relationship with other people (persons)on this site.
Im mechanic engineer but I dont speak english well.

Best regards,