Professional financial certificated exams: CFA, ACCA and CMA


What do you think of these professional financial certificated exams? CFA ACCA or CMA ,I am on the way for CMA,which is a big big challenge for me. Tell me something if you know, thanks! :wink:

Hi, Fangfang (shatha)
long time … nice to see you here again:D
In fact, I don’t know anything about this subject :oops: , but really… I wish you got high results in your exam

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Hi Fang,

They all look very new to me. I have no ideas what they really are. Could you please tell? :smiley: but let me try…

CMA = certificate of Master of Art (?) :oops:

CMA:Certified Management Accountant . You can find many websites related to CMA. But I also like your imagination,nice :wink:

I’m a CMA…the other two designations you mention are foreign to me.

The only accounting certifications that have earned any real recognition are:

My experience with off-shoot designations suggests that they are jacks of all trades and masters of none.

Could you tell more about these exams.Although i work in finance i never hear about that certifacates.
is CMA an offical certificate?if so which institutions demand it.thanks

If you wish to become a Certified Management Accountant in Canada, you must:
complete a university undergraduate degree.
satisfactorily complete the CMA National Entrance Examination
satisfactorily complete the CMA Strategic Leadership Program
complete 24 months of fieldwork/practical training within Canada

Re your question: Which institutions demand it?

As with any profession, CMA’s,CA’s and CGA’s are in demand based on their high level of education and expertise. These groups are also governed by a standard of ethics.
I hope that answers your question.