Product realization? (Produktrealisierung)


How would you translate the German term “Produktrealisierung”? I understand that it doesn’t make much sense to say “product realization”, does it?

Here is the original sentence the term occurs in:
Bei der Produktrealisierung wird ausgehend von dem grundsätzlich ermittelten Ressourcenbedarf mit Hilfe von Checklisten der konkrete Bedarf für die Durchführung der einzelnen Maßnahmen ermittelt und überwacht.

This is how Google would translate the sentence:
In product realization is based on the principle identified resource needs with the help of checklists of specific needs for the implementation of various measures to be identified and monitored.

And here is my attempt:
Once a training course has been started, the actual demand for resources is determined and monitored based on the initially established demand through checklists.

What do you think?

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Hi Torsten,

I’d translate ‘Produktrealisierung’ with ‘go into production’ or simply ‘production’, and your sentence with In order to determine training requirements, the anticipated need for resources serves as a basis to determine and monitor the effective costs by means of checklists.

Hi Ralf,

Thanks a lot for your translation which sounds pretty good.

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