Product placement in songs?

Is there something like “product placement” in/through pop songs? In other words, do you think Katy Perry gets paid by Wyeth?


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Hi Torsten

If you are referring to ChapStick lip balm in particular, I doubt that she was paid to mention that product. The reason I doubt it is that, in my opinion, Chapstick is one of those products that has nearly become the equivalent of a common noun here in the US. In other words, people tend to simply say “chapstick” rather than “lip balm” – no matter what brand it is.

I might compare the use of the word “chapstick” to the use of the word “kleenex”. In the US, lots of people use the word “kleenex” when referring to any brand of facial tissue – the same way many people in Germany might refer to any brand of facial tissue as “Tempo”.

And when Mexicans say “Bimbo”, they’re talking about bread.

To judge by the common mondegreen (among BrE listeners at least), someone who devised a “cherry chopstick” would make a killing.