Problems with word choice.

Hi all,

I have some problems with word choice in my homework. Even after I open answer keys, I still don’t understand why they use these words in these sentences.

Could you plz help me explain these? (These are MCQs)

  1. I tried to explain why I had been delayed but he … my excuse as pathetic.
    a. ignore b. disregarded c. dismissed d. refused
    Answer: C, but I think a, b and c have the same meanings.

  2. Numbers in the Latin evening class have … rather badly. We may have to close it.
    a. dwindled b. deteriorated c. reduced d. lessened
    Answer: A, but I think it should be d

  3. Would you like to … the house that is for sale this afternoon?
    a. view b. regard c.observe d. overlook
    Answer: C, my opinion is a

  4. I tried to … my disappointment at losing by cheering the winner loudly.
    a. mask b. hide c. shield d. veil
    Answer: B, however I suppose to be a

Many thanks,

  1. Only ‘dismissed’ expresses the rejection for a reason (‘pathetic’)

  2. Numbers dwindle, not lessen.

  3. The answer key is wrong. ‘View’ is correct.

  4. ‘Hide one’s disappointment’ is the correct collocation.

Thank Mr Micawber. ^^