Problems in English test

Hello everyone,

I´m a brazilian and I´m studying english by myself. I saw this test from the Japanese Government but there was no answer sheet. So, I don´t know if the answers I chose are right or wrong. Could someone help me telling me which questions are wrong (or right :slight_smile: )

If anyone is interested in this test (this is only half of it. Total of 11 pages), I can also place the link for download, since it is free.

Best Regards,

Andre Rosendo

Hello Ros,

I’ve looked at the first ten questions – I would say that in 8 and 10 you did not give the answer the question-setter required.

Still a good result though.

All the best,


Hi Andre

I looked at the 10 questions in part II. These are the answers they probably wanted:
1 - c
2 - c
3 - b
4 - c
5 - a
6 - c
7 - d
8 - b
9 - a
10 - b

Hic, the letters are so small and I am near-sighted… (+_+)

Sorry for the small letters. I re-posted the part III with big letters.

I thought that “there are many rules and regulations related to when and where you can drink” was a correct phrase. What is the correct answer? (Part I, Question 10)

Thanks for the answers, everyone!