Problem with the TOEFL integrated speaking task

Hello.I have a problem with the integrated speaking task, with the general / specific task, to be more specific.

In the first place, I do not understand how people can take notes on the reading sample in only 45 seconds. I know I can’t, I find it impossible to write all the main ideas in 45 sec.

Secondly, 60 seconds is TOO SHORT for me to be able to tell what both the reading and the passage discuss (and to have a meaning at the same time). How do you people make it? However,at the vey beginning of the general/specific integrated speaking task, there is a sample response, and this response lasts way more than just 60 seconds (112,50 seconds!!! almost twice). They said the resonse would get a “good score” and everything. So, I figured out that nothing happens if you speak for more than 60 seconds. Right??

please answer me.
I beg of you.

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please post a reply the 12th of september is coming…you can count the days

I also heard such long replies in the preparation software.
You have to do it just in 60 seconds.

really? are you completely sure? so there’s no way I can do what I want and get away with it?
is it because if I spoke a little bit more, they wouldn’t hear it because everything that is “extra” is being…cut?
you know…it’s not fair at all. why don’t sample people follow the rules we do?