Problem with reading comprehension GRE in 2 days

Sometimes I can do decent with the reading comp and sometimes I can’t. What I mean is if the passage is science or social science related or even something else I have read about before (with interest) I can get all the questions right or 3/4. However, when the passage is something that bores me completely I get every question wrong or only one right out of the whole passage. All in all this is my weakest section for the verbal portion. I tried reading the stuff carefully and I find that no matter what I do I can’t do well on the boring reading comp sections. If I happen to get one that interests me my score increases by 40 points. If I don’t, my score is 40 points lower. I have a feeling that being unlucky or lucky on test day is going to have a lot to do with my test score (which fluctuates by 80 points in each section based on luck alone.) I have already done 7 different practice tests to completion btw. Also it seems that whenever I get a really tricky quantitative section and end up getting 80 points lower I get the easy verbal section and get 80 points higher. I have never gotten both sections with my highest score together. This test is total bull.

Anyway, at this point what can I do quickly to help improve the amount of reading comp questions I get right?

Hi Bill, you should somehow try to develop an interest for as many different subjects as possible. Find articles that cover various topics and look for something new and you will find that what you are reading is not as boring as you first thought. Any subject can be interesting if you have the right attitude towards it. Why not post a list of topics you find boring? We can use our creativity to make turn those boring things into interesting ones.

Let me know what you think.

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