Problem with computer in OBT


I had my Toefl IBT test on Mar-14, 2008 at WA, USA.
I had finished my reading section with out any problem but when listening section started, I couldn’t able to hear anything. I rose my hand 3 times to draw attention of administrator, but unfortunetly she wasn’t there. I was shocked.

while test was in progress, I stood up & talk to one assistance. She changed my headphone But problem was still there. I complained again. Assistance said, It may be problem with machine but she can’t do any thing because administrator is out & will return in 15-20 minutes. we waited for administrator and when she came she stoped the test and shifted me to different computer. I lose atlest 20 minutes test time during this mess up, which I couldn’t recover.

I complained to ETS and still waiting for their reply.

TOEFL listening lectures: An organism that generates internal heat is called what?

Sorry to hear about your bad luck mate. Take it from me … ETS ain’t gonna do nothing … that of course with a big, large smile on their faces. I heard you could retake the section …rescore it. Of course … they will charge you for this

You are right.
Thats why I had scheduled my next toefl exam on 29-Mar, Immediately after my first exam. But I had to travel 600 Km for that. I just finished it day before yesterday.
I expect a very good score for it.