Problem regarding RC's

How to attack Rc’s? Reading Comprehensions have become a nightmare to me these days. Can someone assist me in cracking them? My performance was also miserable in the reading part when I gave my Toefl Test.

I also want someone to explain me what this passage meant:

Disequilibrium at the interface of water and air is a factor on which the transfer of heat and water vapor from the ocean to the air depends. The air within about a millimeter of the water is almost saturated with water vapor and the temperature of the air is close to that of the surface water. Irrespective of how small these differences might be, they are crucial, and the disequilibrium is maintained by air near the surface mixing with air higher up, which is typically appreciably cooler and lower in water vapor content. The turbulence, which takes its energy from the wind mixes the air. As the speed of wind increases, so does the turbulence, and consequently the rate of heat and moisture transfer. We can arrive at a detailed understanding of this phenomenon after further study. The transfer of momentum from wind to water, which occurs when waves are formed is an interacting-and complicated phenomenon. When waves are made by the wind, it transfers important amounts of energy-energy, which is consequently not available for the production of turbulence.

Thank you in prior:)

This is quite a long and complicated passage to attempt to paraphrase. It may be easier if you identify the particular parts that you are having problems understanding.