Price indication letter

Dear Tortens
I’ve met a problem with writing an indication letter/ mail. The problem is that I’m not sure if my grammar or the words are used correctly and appropriately. Please do me a flavour to amend it, thanks.

I’m trying to tell my customers that we’re very appreciate the opportuity to do business with them, and certainly we understand that what they worry about due to this’s our first transaction. We’re happy to advise them who are the suppliers and if there is any one they may find difficult or not reliable to deal with, we would count it out. I’m going to include this point in the mail, please check for me if it’s acceptable or not.

[color=blue]Dear Ms.Lieu
Further to telephone conversation, we can advise you few suppliers who have a closed relationship with us such as Pradip, KN, Sharda, Gujarat, Suraj and Ruchi etc.
As a trader, we will try our best to get you the best price, please feel free to let us know if there is any supplier you don’t want us to buy for.

Thanks so much for your enquiry, we are pleased to indicate you as follows:

(This paragraph would include the product’s specification and price indication. )

We hope can get a bid from you soon,



Your letter:



Could you please tell me the difference between:

1- Telephone conversation and Telephonic conversation


Hi Tom

One difference that comes to mind is that I wouldn’t say and have never said “telephonic conversation” 8)


Hi Alan
Firstly, thank you very much for your prompt reply and amendment.
By the way, I want to confirm that does it sound more business like if we use “endeavour instead of try our best to do something”?

Again, thanks in advance for your help,


Thanks Amy!

Would you say that ‘telephonic conversation’ sounds odd to your ears??


Hi Tom

There might be (e.g.) some technological context that it might be OK in. Generally speaking, however, if you simply want to refer to a conversation you had which was conducted on a telephone, then “telephonic conversation” would sound very, very weird to me.