Presentation: I'm living in Switzerland. I have decided to practice my English...

Hello everybody,

I’m living in Switzerland

I have decided to practice my english and I’m looking for people who wants too.

I like music very much.

Sincerely yours

Aria 8) :slight_smile:

Hi, Aria. My name is Aida. I’m from Russia. And I’d like to improve my English too. What do you know about my country?

Hi Aria,

And welcome to english-test! I’d say you’ve come to the right place to practice your English :wink:

If you want to talk about music, you can do so here

See you soon,


hi aria…convey my regards to The great Roger Federer… if he cannot win this US open i will kill myself…

I’m Noelia from barcelona, I was living in dublin for four month learn english becouse I was notting! Now I know littel but I want keep practice my english too.

So, next weekend go to Switzerland, geneva for 3 days. I would appreciate any information about geneva; accomodation “chip”, hostels, the city, the people, night club,… I don’t know… It is a dangerous city for a girl traveling alone?

Thank you and nice to meet you!

You are welcomed here
And I’d like to practice English with you too

H a v e a nice day

Hi Noelia,
How old are you ? Geneva is a nice city . What kind of thing do you like ?
The old city is a think to visit.
There is a lots of things to do it depend of your age and budget. are you coming by plane ? by train ?
If you tell me a little more about your like I could get you more informations.
Don’t worry for coming as a single girl in this city as everywhere some quarters are particularly late at night
See you soon

aria :lol:

Hi, Aria how do you do! I’m Made from Indonesia. I’d like to be your friend and improve my English as well. I’m forty four years old and I’ve two children. I hope you are kindly to accept me enenthough I’m not as old as yours. thanks and see u soon

Best regard:

Hi Aria!
I’m happy for your quick reply!
I’m 22 years old.I like to see a little bit of everything, just be a weekend in the city, so, I want to see the most important and don’t worry for this.
The old city I find it interesting to see.
I know that suiza is very expensive and my budget isn’t, but I try becouse I want go to the geneve!!! hahaha
I travel by plane(offer).
What most interests me is an economical hostel to sleep.
I’am glad to know that this is not a dangerous city for a single girl. That people can find it in the night club of there? and where can I go?
Out of curiosity… how old are you? I know you a little more.

Thank you very much for everything.