present simple negative statments

Dear teachers,
please correct me if there is any mistake:

  • I do not read news paper.
  • You do not swim.
  • He does not eat breakfast.
  • It does not rain today.
  • We do not jump through the window.
  • You do not take the passports.
  • They do not leave here.

We use simple present for fewer situations than most students realize:

  • I don’t read the newspaper.
  • You can’t swim.
  • He doesn’t eat breakfast.
  • It won’t rain / isn’t raining today.
  • We shouldn’t jump through the window.
  • You didn’t take the passports.
  • They haven’t left here.

Use simple present for habits and repeated activities, and with stative verbs (be, seem, feel, etc).

Thank you very much Mr. Micawber.
I have anther question Sir, if you don’t main.
some time I become confuse about using of (have,has and had) so could you kindly help me about the issue.

Could you be more precise? Perhaps some sample sentences.