Present simple: do I watch this movie?

do I watch this movie?
Does she know the current situation of market?
Do they visit the potential market?
Does he come to office in time?
Do we know how to handle the customer?
Do they close the sales on daily basis?
Does he go to office?
Do they go in the market for getting the sales?
Does she work with them?
Does he go to other region? :cry:

Hi Shafqat,

Thanks a lot for posting your questions. You are doing an excellent job and I’d like to make some suggestions:

Although this question is grammatically correct, it doesn’t sound very natural. Here are my suggestions:
Are you watching this movie?/Are you going to watch this movie?/How often do you watch this movie?

Very good!

Do they often travel to find new markets?

Does he usually get to the office on time?

Do we know how to handle this/that customer?

Do they close a sale every day?

How does he get to the office?

What exactly do you mean by “market”?

Very good!

Does he also go to other regions?

Let me know what you think.

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Thanks you very much
I am thinking you are sitting with me and checking my exercise.
your quick checking is really appreciated.

Now i wanted to know do you think i will be able to improve the writing skills.


Hi Shafqat,

You have already improved your writing skills so keep it up! Please note the difference between “thank you very much” and “many thanks”. Also, please remember to capitalize the personal pronoun I.


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Dear sir
Do you think “many thanks” is better OR thank you very much especiallly in writing business or official language .


The 1st question,
‘do i watch this movie?’ is not correct, you can say
‘should i watch this movie?’