present perfect with "go"

Hi ESL forum,
I’ve learned that the verb “to go” has a special meaning in present perfect tense. For example, “He’s gone to Paris” means he’s now in Paris, and has not returned yet. It’s different from “He’s been to Paris”, which means he’s now not at Paris.
I am wondering if we can use “How long has he gone to school?” to ask for the period time that he has studied at school. (Of course he may be not at school now)
Or is it better if we use “How long has he been at school?”

‘Being’ and ‘going’ have to be differentiated.

of course means he is there now but the important bit is the ‘going’. In other words he has travelled there. In your sentence

in that sense won’t work. The only way it will is by resorting to the continuous form How long has he been going to school?


Thank you Alan!

Hello Alan,

I’d like to know why you used “won’t” not “doesn’t” in that sentence.

Hi Screen,
In my opinion this is because no one uses like this before :slight_smile: So Alan “predicts” it won’t work. (One function of future simple is predict things in the future)