Present perfect tense vs simple past


I was reading a blog and came across this sentence. I got a bit confused because of the use of the present perfect tense. Shouldn’t that be simple past, because of “in the past”?

Thanks for your kind help.

" I’ve blogged about it in the past."


Present perfect is often used to talk about events that happened at an unspecified time in the past or repeatedly in the past. Here is a good explanation: Simple Past and Present Perfect

I liked the blog post you were reading. I agree that using “their” as an object instead of “him or her” makes sense. The people who get hung up on the singular/plural mismatch should remember that long ago, “you” used to be exclusively plural, but today we have no problem using it for both singular and plural (though I must admit I like the “y’all” plural version).


Luschen, thanks for your help and the suggested link to read about it on VOA. I’m not a native English speaker (Brazil). First time I heard about you being only plural some time in the past.


Well, this was hundreds of years ago - thou and thee were the singular for subjects and objects respectively, and ye and you were the plurals. Now all we commonly use is “you”.