present perfect or past simple

Dragon Capital has become a strategic shareholder of the property developer Sacomreal with a contract officially signed yesterday.
I would like to know why the writer used “present perfect” not “simple past” in the sentence above.
I think that the action “become a strategic shareholder” isn’t a process. Therefore, I would choose “simple past”. I want to hear your opinions.
Thank you.

It became a shareholder in the past and is still one now. The continuing action makes the progressive tense the appropriate one.

Thank you.

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Use of the Past Tense indicates it is a completed action in the past…AND…has no connection with the Present.

The use of Present Perfect is anchored in NOW, the moment of speaking; looks back over a period of time, and as if says, 'this is where things are up to at the moment.
It is the next sentence in the passage that confirms that something connected to this event is about to happen. Note the next line in the newspaper report:
[color=red]Accordingly, Dragon Capital will acquire 7.5 per cent, or 7.5 million of Sacomreal’s 100 million equities at the price of VND40,000, according to Sacomreal chairman Dang Hong Anh.

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