Present or Past tense

Hi all,

Which one is correct and why?

  1. The ABC book is designed for children.

  2. The ABC book was designed for children.

  3. John designed the ABC book for children.

  4. John designs the ABC book for children.

Assuming the ABC book is now available at various bookstores.

Many thanks.


In my opinion 1, 2 and 3 are correct.
Depending on the context each of them can be used.
When it comes to #3 i would rather use John HAS designed the ABC book for children.
Number 4 cannot be used because it is grammatically wrong.
In other words, the book is already designed and therefore we cannot say john designs the book for children.
We may however say that john designs books for children.
If you need to read on this check your grammar book on how to use the present simple tense.

Definitely … rosko is right!! :lol: