present, current, contemporary

Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentence:

“Because of our … financial difficulties, I am afraid we must refuse you a pay rise”

A. present
B. current
C. contemporary
D. recent

I’m confused between 4 answers . Please someone help me choose one and explain the difference between them

Thanks so much !!!

I’m not surprised you are confused, Giang. 3 of them could be correct.

The only one that doesn’t work at all is ‘contemporary’, which means ‘modern’.

Thank you for replying me that fast ^^
So we can’t choose the only, right ?

© is completely wrong.

(B) is probably the answer they expect you to choose.

(A) and (D) are grammatically and logically possible too.

Yes, you’re right, I choose B ^^
But what’s the difference between “current” and “present” as they both have the meaning of “happening or existing now” (in Longman dictionary) ?

That’s why I would say that both could be considered right. (B) is the common expression though. It has the edge over (A) only because it is more prevalent.

I see you have posted another question in a different thread where there is also more han one possible correct answer. I think it’s a poor test.

I wonder if “contemporary” means “modern”?

As I said, E2:

It can also mean ‘belonging to that time’ if used in a historical context.