Prepositions: I'm learning in Maths now. or - on, at, to

is it correct?

I’m learning in Maths now./ or - on, at, to

Give me a book on English. / or - of

test in Math / or - on, at

Hi everyone,

Could anyone verify this?

I’am learning maths?
math test?

WHAT ABOUT:Give me a book of /on English?

Actually I do not know about prepositions in this case but I think it should be something like this:
I am at Maths lesson. or I have Maths now.
Give me English book please. or Would you give me this book in English class.
Maths test.

[color=darkred]It (the usage of prepositions) very much depends on what you want to say, i.e. CONTEXT.

[color=darkblue]test in “a subject” is correct

to learn in “a class” (We are learning the Pythagorean Theorem in Math this week.)

A book on English - a book about English language. A book in English - a book written in English.