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I am confused about the use of the prepositions at, in and for. What are the differences in meaning of the following sentences ?

  1. My husband works at a bank.
  2. My husband works in a bank.
  3. My husband works for a bank.

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At a bank - this means that’s what my husband does for his job. ‘At’ in this sense suggests something general and in this case refers to the type of work.

In a bank - this is more specific and refers to the place where he works. It suggests ‘inside’ the bank.

For a bank - this tells us that the bank employs him.


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which one is true?

  1. in the bank

  2. at the bank

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Rosario, the question has been comprehensively answered above.

I think here we are talking in general ,so we would say at a bank

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It is well expressed by the Alan ,
At = if look at many expression it is to pin point any reason, more sepecific,
For is to work for soem one or organisation

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I have read Alan’s answer. It’s excellent!


plzz give me the uses of would,should .