Prepare for GRE subject psych. without undergrad in psych.?


I’m currently studying Business Admin but will probably try to apply for a Masters in Organizational Psychology. I know that the psychology subject test is usually not required, but sometimes recommended. Having no psychology background (except for a couple of books I read in the areas of social psychology, general psychology, organizational psychology - all of them being taught at universities here) I do not consider my chances to achieve an acceptable score high enough. Still, I would be quite glad if someone could recommend a couple of books that are part of a psychology undergrad program… (I don’t live in the US (yet) and therefore have no idea whether the studies are comparable to what they teach at universities here). This could probably help me to decide on whether I will take the test anyway or not…

Thank you in advance 8)

Hi Dawn

Have you tried googling things such as “GRE Subject Test Psychology”? Doing that I found the following websites (for example):

Practice test from ETS

Tips from a test-taker

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Hi Amy

Oh great, thanks very much, that already helps me a lot.

Shame on me though that I didn’t even think of googling… :? :wink: