Prayer for Mister Micawber and anyone who is suffering from the disaster.

As you know, Japan got hit by a violent earthquake and then huge tsunamis yesterday . One of our dear teachers – Mister Micawber lives in Yokohama, and he and his families are probably being affected by the disaster. I’m here uttering a prayer for Mr. Micawber and anyone else who is also affected by the misfortune. I hope he’s alright and they are alright. Hope everything will work out for them for the better.

A lovely thought, Infin1ty.

Thanks Beeesneees.

I’ll join in the prayer, Infin1ty

I hope everything will be alright

Dear Mister Micawber,

My sincere prayer to you and your family, I hope you will not face any problem.
Nothing will happen to you, all our prayers will safeguard you and your family.
I am really expecting your reply with happy news that you are all fine.
There you will not have power supply due to this problem, your e.mail may
reach us lately. pl.send our Sir Torsten.

Wish you all the best.

Thank you


Sorry - I don’t check ‘What do you want to talk about’ forum very often, folks.

We personally are doing just fine - watching the news with as much wonder and worry as the rest of the world is. At home, only a few knick-knacks tumbled over. I was hiking in the mountains south of here when it hit - and oh, did that mountain shake like a big wet dog! I just hiked on down, however, and was surprised to see the crumpled sidewalks and traffic confusion. I had to spend the night sleeping in a community room with about 60 other folks who had not been able to leave town because the train systems had stopped. Some trains were up again the next morning and I came home early enough to teach my full Saturday schedule, with nothing worse than a poor night’s sleep. Many others north of here have not been so lucky. The nuclear reactor is 300 km away, so Yokohama will not fry if she blows.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Glad to hear that you are fine. :slight_smile:

Hi Mister Micawber,

We are happy to see your mail. since you live in Yokohma, you don’t face any
problem as other people. Any way our prayers are still there for other people
who affected in this Earthquake & Tsunami.

Thank you


Hello Mister Micawber,

I am very happy that you and your family is well.
I thought of you when I saw these videos about the tsunami and its devastation on the BBC. It is very difficult to look at this catastrophe even from this distance (Hungary). I know there is a Hungarian emergency team there also, but I think the whole world tries to help for the survivors.

May God bless you all!

Kati Svaby

Hold on to faith; it’ll carry you and your family through. I pray for all in Japan who are affected by the earthquake and tsunami. My heart cries for the people of Japan.