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Reading Time: 45 seconds
Announcement from the president
The United Airlines is planning to increase domestic fares because of an expected 4 billion in extra costs related to the government’s decision. The president said the airline was considering an average increase of $50 in domestic one-way regular fares to pay for the extra cost added to landing fees.The increase would affect more than 80 domestic routes, and about 90 percent of the airline’s routes. But the carrier said that passengers paying regular fares account for less than 10 percent of its 40 million passengers who fly domestically each year.
Now listen to two passangeres as they discuss the above announcement. [2 seconds]
Listening Activity
Passanger A
Oh great, now we have to come up with more money for our next trip.
Passanger B
Well, I really don’t understand why. There have been rumours that the company has mismanaged their funds.
Passanger A
All airlines are the same, though. I heard that it’s a really tough and competitive business. Last year many airports increased their fees. So I paid $40 more when I flew to Rome.
Passanger B
What I am worried about is that if they continue like this I won’t be able to go anywhere in a couple of years.
Passanger A
Well, there are cheaper ailine companies you could fly with.
Passanger B
I’m aware of several other airlines but the service is nothing to write home about. Also the seats are usually too close together and sometimes I’m not sure how safe these kinds of planes are. Last year a friend of mine flew to Florida and the plane had to return twice. I would be very unhappy about that.

The passanger B expresses her opinion about airlines. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.

Preparation time: 30 seconds
Response time : 60 seconds

Hello Kaldosi,

I’m not familiar with these tests - but are you sure the timings you quote are correct? What do you have 2 seconds for?

Hello Beeesneees,

Please ignore the 2 seconds comment, but the other times are correct. I have copied from the internet.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

I give a try:

Hey Christoph,

I heard two grammatic mistakes which were apparent for me. But may be, I am wrong.

Regarding should be used without to. So, do not use to after regarding. Instead of properly you should have used proper in your speaking.

Please also correct my mistakes in my speaking. I would appreciate any advice.

I would appreciate comments from teachers or native speaker as well.