practical skills vs theoretical knowledge


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Topic: In today’s job market it is far more important to have practical skills than theoretical knowledge. In the future, job applicants may not need any formal applications. Agree/disgree?

As working environments are getting more demanding, many people consider practical skills to be more useful than theoretical knowledge. Although this trend appears reasonable, formal applications should still be embraced for their advantages.

Individuals’ abilities to perform well at work depends on many factors, from skills to experience to their achievements. It is unreasonable, then, to single out practical skills as the only criterion when it comes to recruiting. In other words, recruiters can see many attributes and potentials of the right candidates that underlies their academic credentials. For example, during my brother’s years at college, he did a lot of research papers, which in turn sharpens his skills in writing and data analysis. In order to hand in the homework on time, he had a habit of making plans for every subject. Not only that, he was willing to learn from his teammates and consult his professors at office hours. To some extent, grades can not truly reflect students’ abilities, however, it matters how much effort they make. As a matter of fact, the harder one works, the higher grade he or she earns, and that is why my brother’s professors had a high opinion of his assignments and his ability overall. Therefore, overlooking formal applications is not only unfair to some applicants, it also creates a misleading impression that people can easily get any jobs without doing their best at schools.

Furthermore, those who advance the furthest in life tend to be those who excel at both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. While hands-on experience centers on the acquisition specific techniques, formal applications lead people to the big picture of strategies and plans. Thus, people can compare different methods with each other and why it is the best way to solve problems. In addition, there are still many professions that require applicants to complete academic qualifications as a prerequisite for legal practice. For instance, before obtaining a law license, prospective lawyers have to meet educational standards, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, and perform successfully in bar examinations.

In conclusion, theoretical knowledge must not be ignored as it may limit people’s potential in ways they do not realize. Therefore, whichever route you choose, instead of focusing only on one side, you should not pass on opportunities to gain both practical experience and theoretical knowledge.

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Hi Bibo, this one was very good. Unfortunately, that error in your prompt carried on to several instances in your essay. But besides that, it was almost flawless.
I made some corrections, as well as some suggestions in green to improve trite phrases like “a lot of”. The one thing that you didn’t pick up in the prompt is when it said “in the future” - Your essay focuses entirely on the present, so you might have added in a couple places why you don’t expect the situation to change in the future, why theoretical knowledge will continue to be vital.