Possesive pronoun "my"

Hello!. Are you all-right? Thanks in advance!

My questions:

1.- “My” home is lovely.

Could I leave “My” out? “Home is lovely”

2.- I?m trying to say “my parents? wish was
I married her but they wanted to
OBLIGE me”. Would it be right the following

“They tried by force to get me to marry her”


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Good morning, Jes?s

  1. Using ‘my’ is necessary if you want to talk about how your house looks.

If you left out the word ‘my’, I would understand a different meaning in your sentence. I would understand that you’re talking about how it feels to be home.

  1. Your sentence sounds a bit awkward. Here is an alternative:

“They tried to force me to marry her”

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I agree that the sentence, “They tried by force to get me to marry her.” sounds awkward.

Is it correct to say, “They tried to get me to marry her by force.”