Please someone explains to me what it is.
Thank you.


Hi ThanhTran,

This word poor-inclusiveness needs to be broken down into its different parts. ‘Inclusive’ indicates that everything/everyone is included in the sense that nothing/no-one is excluded or left out. ‘Inclusiveness’ in an attitude of mind where you believe that everyone in society should be taken into consideration and regarded as equally important. Finally ‘poor’ in this context suggests ‘inadequate’ or ’ unsatisfactory’ or in other words that the policy of inclusiveness is not working. There is also the possibility that as there is a hyphen after ‘poor’, we could be talking about especially including the poor (poor people) in this attitude of mind



To me, ‘inclusiveness’ itself means that the poor need to be taken into consideration when a policy is framed for the people. So, it may be redundant to use the word ‘poor’ in conjunction with ‘inclusiveness’. By the way, this concept is of recent origin, I think.