Poem: What God has joined together, No human being must separate...

Don’t mention it.

I would like you appreciate the text bellow. Can you do it? It is verses of a song I have composed. I did a simple translation to English. Where are the mistakes made such as grammar, syntax, an inadequate word or expression, and so on? A friend girl said that there are incorrections in, but I don’t know yet what.

What God has joined together
No human being must separate,
The Lord wants it this way.
God who decided: the man will not get alone
And He brought to him a wife!

Man and woman
In the beginning the Creator made for the love.
That is the reason why
They two will be only one a flesh
The man goes out and he’ll go home, leaving mother and father.

They are no longer two,
But only one flesh they are,
There is a mystery in the union!
Even that a lot of sadness can later happen,
They will win over by grace.

That who found a wife
He has found a benevolence of the God’s hands.
The houses and properties
Come from our parents as inheritance
But a prudent wife is a favour; it’s a gift that comes from the Lord. .