POEM by me. [[MY LOVER and YOU]]

Sometimes WHEN I feel like being in an unperturbed evening

Nothing different from a serene seashore

Detached from all my amusements

I feel so great, I feel so complete,

Being with my own, my beloved lover

My beloved lover ‘Loneliness’,

She is not shy to hold my hands

To hug me and kiss my lips,

She is not shy when around me is crowd,

She does not cry when none cuz of me is proud,

But she is so possessive, doesn wanna give me space

And YOU are filled in my heart to every single trace,

I know I’m not loyal,my mind roams around you,

It offends my beloved ‘Loneliness’

To her it’s something new,

I know she loves me so much

She can take my life too, the limit is as such,

whenever I think of you she makes it hard to breath

Thus, I know, one day my loneliness would strangle me to Death.

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