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Name: Le Thi Thuy Trang.

Topic: Nowadays, most students take extra classes. Do you think it is a good idea? Or would it better for students to invest all that time in self-studying. Write an essay of 300-350 words. Support your position with examples and relevant evidence.

Not surprisingly, in recent years, an outstanding certificate is the best measure/ indicator for an employer to take on people. Also, due to the increasingly high demand for ones’ decent job in the future, their learning, undoubtedly, attaches much significance to a larger extent than ever before. Many are baffled as to taking extra classes positively influence students or it is better for students to invest all their time in self-studying. However, as far as I can tell, students should commit themselves to self-studying. This guarantees concentration on lessons and, most importantly, minimizes fees of private tuition.

In the first place, it is regrettably true that many parents busy in search for wealth are placing all truth in private tutors helping them educate their offspring. But worse still, they do not bother whether their children find it useful to take extra classes or not. Hence, students just attend extra classes as their parents’ wish without any attentiveness to tasks but try to induce their peers to text or chat with them. Of course, this will inevitably result in an undesirable consequence in their long-term studies. In contrast, basically for this reason, many other students decide to invest all their time in studying at home and/or library rather than taking extra classes. To explain, they claim that self-studying enables them to take fully advantage of their attention, intellect, self-motivation, and creativity because of not being distracted by these nuisance peers. In short, self-studying separates students out of outer elements which have a bad bearing on their studies.

High fees of private tuition are at times burdensome duties on parenthood. True saying indeed! For example, in a poor family, monthly fees of extra classes would, for sure, take up a high proportion of family income, which also accounts for the reason why most of the children from these families are not able to maximize their their studies compared to their peers in private tuition terms . Thus, it is advisable that students, even ones whose quality of life is better-off, should take self-studying into consideration. This is indicative of their sparing a thought for their parents’ hardship.

However, there is no denying the fact that students truly benefit from taking extra classes, not least when basic lessons seem insufficient for higher level exams, their private tutors would well supplement them with necessary know-how to the extent to which they need for important tests. Plus, this helps those not being self-motivated focus on tasks instead of wasting time on other purposes which bring no productivity as well as efficiency. Finally, completing exercises in advance in extra classes with teachers’ help save time for students to get round to doing housework to share their mothers’ chores.

Conclusively, whether it is helpful to take extra classes or self-studying have been an all-time controversial issue/ intense debate. Should students make a wrong decision on this subject, it will shortly turn out to be counterproductive. Therefore, what really matters is which kind of learning could help students make progress and lead to a satisfactory result. All not only rest on students’ attentiveness to their own learning but also their family status/condition.

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