plural or singular? (across the word 'tough love')

Once I came across the word ‘tough love’ (used by MM), and I searched it in the BNC. Please have a look at this: … tough+love

=> Here are some sentences from the link which I find a bit weird:

  1. Tough love should be kind, gentle and understanding to both the family member and the primary sufferer, while nonetheless allowing each to be fully responsible for his or her own feelings and behaviour and for taking the full consequences of all choices of individual action.
  2. Tough love requires that the family member" lets go" of the primary sufferer and seeks help for himself or herself from the appropriate Family Fellowship, concentrating primarily on his or her own recovery from the addictive urge to fix or control the lives of others.

=> I just wonder why they don’t say ‘family members’ but ‘family member’. I think the former is more appropriate…

Many thanks,

Hi Nessie

The expression “tough love” generally focuses on a particular type of interaction between two people. However, it is also commonly used when talking about a child and the “tough love” being applied by both parents.