Plural for euro

Dear Alan and Torsten,
tell me, please, when a plural form of a euro is euros and when it is euro.

Although I’m neither Alan nor Torsten:

I suggest writing euro (100 euro)
“Euros” seems not to be official spelling.
(check EU website for further information)


Thank you, Michael.

I think when you add the currency to a price, the plural form is used (The car costs 30.000 Euros.) However, I also agree with Michael - sometimes the singular form can be used in prices (this car is about 30.000 Euro.)
In compound nouns you use the singular form:
This is a two million Euro contract. Also, it probably makes sense to use the plural forms in questions like How many Euros have you spent on your education so far?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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