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question is “Is college years the best in one’s life . Agree/ Disagree”

The question asks whether college years are the best in one’s life. From my experience, I assert that
the college years are the best as it gives us the maturity, exposure to different cultures and helps us in
deciding our career.

Firstly, college makes people responsible and helps in improving the maturity of people. The
various activities that are conducted in the college helps people to realise their leadership skills. For
example, I was the president of the symposium that was conducted in our college and it helped me
a lot as I learned many managerial skills to extract work from people. I understood the importance
of the word “Unity” as our symposium involved participation from more then 120 students from
our department. Thus college years helps in sharpening our skills that is required in the working

Also, people generally decide their career during the college years as the curriculum will expose their
strengths and weaknesses and this helps them to decide what they want to do in future. For instance,
the major computer subjects during my college years made me decide that I should pursue my masters
in Management related courses as I was not exceptionally good at programming. Thus they shape our
destiny and lay us the path that we are going to follow for the next 40 years.

Finally, college years gives us an opportunity to mingle with people coming from diverse backgrounds
and cultures. For example, I learned many differences in traditions that my friends followed in their
houses as they were from different religions. This made me proud about our country as there were no
discriminations done on the basis of religion.

I would like to conclude by saying that the college years are the best in one’s life. Students passing from
high school will definitely have a great time in their college years.

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