Please see this video and help me!

Could you plz write down what the man said in the link below? I can’t listen totally.
By the way, can you explain “are you going to finish strong?” what does it exactly mean? tks in advance! :slight_smile:

plz help me!

Finish strong, and you will find the strength to get back up!

He is implying that one should NEVER give up, no matter how many times you may fail.

Keep trying, keep on going.


Yes! Many thanks, Mr.Kitos, :slight_smile:
But, why “finish strong”? i don’t understand about the mean of this word (about structure:“finish” is a verb and “strong” is a adj…so, why can we combine them together? :frowning: )
Hope I don’t disturb you!

You NEVER disturb me Loverose.

I think the use of “finish strong” is probably an Australian street term. It really has no grammatical significance.

Don’t give it too much thought, enjoy instead the message given by this fantastically motivated guy.

He motivates us all to succeed in our lives. It was an incredibly moving video showing that no matter what your problems, one can make a success of one’s life.

Thank you so much for posting it.


Thank you very much, Mr.Kitos ^^
Yes, i also like this video so much, I was moved to tears.
Hope you can make a success of your life, too.
Best regards,

He probably was referring to something like “life may have its share of setbacks but you stand up and finish strong”

Amazing video. Thanks for sharing it.