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People listen to music for different reasons and at different times. Why is music important to many people? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Nowadays many innovations were increasingly invented in order to saturate humans need. MP3s, iPods, MP4 and many softwares are basically invented to help music listeners enjoy their favorite brands wherever and whenever they want. Indeed music plays an important role in various occasions and activities; such as playing sport, relaxing and celebration of annual festivals in many countries.
To begin with, listening to music specially active and loud music such as rock one has an stimulative effects on human brain. They activate the brain that activates the whole body in turn, leading it to work physical sports hardly such as running. Actually, once I tried to run for 20 minutes in the early morning; but after 10 minutes I just stopped because I missed my MP3 the I used to listen while running, I felt so bored about running without having my daily catalyst! Indeed, many gyms have noticed the musical effects on participant; so they always are turning on the rock music loudly to initiate warming up the trainer and get them ready to do physical exercise.
In addition, music has positive effects in appeasing people stress and anxiety; according to study conducted researchers at McGill University, neurologists stated that operation a music such as soft ones can lessens people negative emotions and improve their mode. Furthermore, some pieces of music can help people express their emotional feelings easily, and that would result in better health.
Finally, some kinds of music can play a good role in several cultures. They tend to serve as a characteristic feature for certain cultures that might be played with a traditional dance. For example, when I visited Spain during Fallas Festival in Valencia; I used to hear specific music that is characteristic for that festival. Later when I heard this remarkable music; I spontaneously remembered Fallas Festival! Furthermore, certain cultures have certain music to announce war initiation, while others may tend to lament with music in eulogy times to praise their dead!
I conclusion, there are many uses for music to meet with human needs according to the situation; people listen to certain types of music; some for relaxation, some for motivation, while others might be operated for celebrations.

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Hi Loly, I thought your essay was quite good. You have a good structure and some good and relevant examples to support your points. You do have quite a few odd sounding words and phrases though, and a few sentences that were very confusing to me. You also had a few grammatical errors with plural/singular and possessives. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.