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Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

We all have neighbors as we all live among people. Neighbors may both make our life easier and turn it into hell. So what are the main features of a good neighbor? In my opinion, these are helpfulness and non-intrusiveness.

I believe that good neighbors should support each other. I really loved the family that lived beside us fifteen years ago. My parents got divorced than and my mother had three jobs so she could neither spend time with me no leave me alone as I was only six years old. And the only people who helped us to get out from this situation were our neighbors. I could come to them any time I wanted, they fed me, they met me from school, they watched me playing in the yard. It should be mentioned that their family was not successful at all but they were the best neighbors and we still get in touch with them.

Another characteristic which a good neighbor should have is non-intrusiveness. Nobody likes interacting with nosy Parker especially if the one lives the next door. It does not matter how polite, helpfulness and friendly your neighbor is if he attacks you with thousands of personal question every time you meet him. I have an example of such neighbors near our house in a village. Every time we come there they start asking all members of our family as personal questions as you can only imagine. So their curiosity may turn any rest into hell. We always do our best to avoid meeting them.

To sum up, neighbors do not only live near us they also have great influence on our life. I would like my neighbors to give me a hand any time I get into trouble and at the same time not to be nosy Parkers.

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Hi, I thought this was an excellent essay. Very good structure, although your introduction was a little too basic. Your grammar is quite good except for a few minor mistakes. Overall, I would rate this essay a 4 out of 5.

Thank yoou!!! :slight_smile: