Please review and rate my essay: Courses requirement

Question: What effect does the information provided in the listening passage have on the situation presented in the reading passage.

According to the passage, the Sociology Department of State University has changed the policy about the requirement courses, due to receiving complaint from the employers who hire the graduates from the department. The department changed the number of required courses from three to five and the number of elective courses from five to three, so the students who major the department mandatorily learn broader variety of subjects. The change’s effective day is immediately, and the students who have already started the major also have to take two additional required courses.

However, lecturer indicated that many of students who currently taking the classes in the department complained about the change, because it must have told before they chose the major or the university. Also, they insisted that they can have some more requirements rather than just increasing required courses. As a result of the request from the students, the university has decided the new policy only affects new students but not current students. Thus, the students who start the major from now on have to take five required courses and three elective courses, and students who currently take the major can take only three required courses and three elective courses.

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TOEFL listening lectures: A university lecture on American social history

Hi, would you happen to have a link for the reading and listening passages for this question?

This is from my CD-ROM so I can’t give it, but actually you can download the same thing here! … L-iBT.html

Hi, I could not get your link to work correctly. I think your writing is pretty good. I think a better structure might be to start with an introduction giving the general situation, then list the points one by one, first giving what the reading says, then stating how they are refuted modified by the lecturer. I have read that this section really focuses on how well you understood the lecture, so make sure to focus on that.

It is hard to figure out exactly how this would rate, I would say probably around 3.5