Please read this first. Thanks


You need to avoid writing these = you need to avoid writing these words (wanna, gotta, etc.)
Words such as “with”, “that”, “this” and “want” are high frequency words. It is difficult to avoid using them a lot.
You aren’t confusing me - your sentences can be understood, though the structure is sometimes strange. One of the easiest things that you should be able to correct is your spelling if you write your messages using a program with a spell checker. If you don’t have one built into your web browser you may be able to get one as a free ‘add in’. Failing that, you could write your message in a word processing program which has a spell checker, then copy and paste it into the forum message field.


this website is great! Thank you!


I succeed and I’m happy
Beeesneees good luck :slight_smile:


I have just registered to this foruml,so that i can improve my writing skills.


good morning all of you.
I am very grad to thank you for all messages you always send me. it’s a good system that may help me to improve my English language. i will keep on using this to learn more about this language. thanks


hello! may you please send the factors which should help to distinct the following terms;
start vs begin,
end vs finish,
interesting vs interested and other terms you have sent me from tests


There is a very useful search function at the top of this webpage.
If you type the words
start begin
into the Google search box at the top of this page, then click on the ‘Forum search’ button (not the Google search button), then you will see a list of threads where this topic has already been discussed.
They should help you.

You can then repeat the search using
end finish and interesting interested.


hello… I like this website very much and it helps me a lot, just I don get e-mails about a week. I wonder why I don get? I’d like to get e-mails every day :slight_smile: Thank you all :slight_smile:


Hello Toreston,
I really very happy towards a such a english coaching for me and I found some improvement in my writting skills but I always felt that whether it is wrong or right which am I write. thank you very much


I’m happy to find this forum. I’m hoping to improve my speaking and wrting skills for my upcoming IELTS exam.


excuse me ;
really i admire the site ,the forum and every one here
but i have tow questions please ,
first . how can i start learning course here in the site or it just depends on me to knew the first step ??
i mean start learning with grammar , expression or online tests here or what
the second question ,
i learn french and i always mixed between English , it is a problem accent too
what should i make ?


I’m new to the web could u help mi were d question place is pls tu ax a question thanx


sorry if your talking to me i will stop with the slang i’m talking i will change my grammar but if someone could just tell me how do you ask questions so people could answer it please please please thank you
(A.K.A sarajane)


Hello Sarajane,

You can ask questions in the appropriate forum. Just go to
and choose the most appropriate forum for your question from the descriptions.
Then click on the forum and select ‘new topic’.
When you ask your question try to give a meaningful title in the subject line.

It’s good to see that you have resolved to change your grammar. You could start by following these simple, basic rules:
every sentence begins with a capital letter;
every sentence ends with a full stop or equivalent punctuation mark;
the pronoun ‘I’ is always written as a capital letter.


Definitively, I am very grateful to you for the exercises, I have learn many things.


To you all!
It’s really interesting to use this website to communicate in English.

Thanks to Torsten, Sue Darville and all moderators



You’ll find that you have a reply to your introduction here now: … tml#440706



Hi Torsten, I really like the tests. I have tried almost all and found it very challenging for me. Thank you.


Nobody is a nobody here in our community, we are all somebody :slight_smile: