Please read this first. Thanks


PM system is good but 5 minimum posts are required. How can new member post 5 message without having any idea about exam??


Hi, to all members who did this forum.
I do enjoy to do the tests, and I feel that my english improved.
I will have a test “english11” very soon, and I apiciate the help that I got from all the staf.
I still do not know how to chek my answers, (if somebodi did answer to my posts), but I will kip trying.
I appriciated if you can tell me what is my english level.


Sometimes, I encounter some question that I find it confused as well and I want to save it to review later . Could you tell me how I can find the questions that I have read quickly?
Best regards.


Click on the ‘View your posts’ link in the top right corner of the forum.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A girl cooking[YSaerTTEW443543]


I mean I want to save and review the others’ topic that I find them useful for me and have read before.


oh, hello everybody!
I am a new member… myEnglish is very bad… i am improving it but should’t how to know… pls, can you help me… call me, Phong. thanks a lot


Hi Naligia,

Hope you are well today!

I just read your messages. I am very surpised when you said that you are improving your English speaking skill via this webside. I have difficulty in speaking English too. I just joined this webside few minutes ago, therefore I’ve not found out how to study speaking skills yet. Could you please show me how you’ve studied it here?

By the way, I would like to post my essay here so that hopefully, someone will correct it help me. I am trying to study Toeic. If can, please help me how to study Toeic with 4 skills. I just focused on Toeic very short time. So I don’t know about it so much. This is my essay as follows:

Nowadays, the more and more there are many companies which want to operate with flexible working
hours. This makes their employees convenient. However, this make us can be hard to solve some urgent
issues or arrange team meetings and events as well.

Firstly, having flexible working hours at a company offers employees more convenience. They can easily
take care of your children in taking and picking up after school time. Especially, the women must go for
working to support for their family. Therefore, all of houseworks should be shared for both wife and
husband. With flexible working hours, they can manage their time with the most reasonable way to get
the best results at works.

Secondly, with the speed of economy development, the employers inquiry their staffs must be improved
their skills and knowledge in order to adapt client’s expectation and compete with other companies. For
this reason, the staffs need have flexible time to take some courses or improve themselves.

With greater convenience, they are likely to feel more pleased at work.

In addition, there are also some disadvantages of flexible working hours, this make you very difficult
to arrange some works with team. Each people will set up different time so it’s difficult for us to have
weekly meeting or some works need to do in team. Sometimes there are some urgent issues which we
need to solve immediately, this is an abstruction. Especially for some works which serving clients.

In sum, we need to raise the strong points and reduce the weak ones. The employers who applying to
flexible working time need to control the result of employees and give them specific plan.

Awaiting for your feedback.

Warmest Regards,

Helen Tran


I have some confusion about the following sentences,pl clear my confusion :
1.’ The shop had closed ’ and ‘The shop had been closed’ which one is correct and why ?

2.’ It had already sold.’ and ‘It had already been sold.’ which one is correct and why?


Both are correct. The one you use depends on the context.


Hi Anushila

Your sentence:

needs some clarification.

In the first part ‘it’ is the subject and the verb is in the active form. In the second part the verb is in the passive form. The question is: What is ‘it’ and what did ‘it’ sell?



Hi Torsten,
first of all I want to thank you like many others here to you personal and to your hard and unstopable work. Regards!!!
By the way I reviewing a lot of “Forum opinions” but no where I seen your post that to describe yourself. I think you owe to as. Because I think not only I, but many other people are so grateful to you. I think it’s time you do something to that questions.
Ok Torsten I wish you successful week and many smiles.
P.S. Are you Scandinavian?


Here you are, Coachvalkov: … daerr.html


It’s honor to be here :slight_smile:


Thank you Beeesneees,
by the way very impressive picture :)))) I like it so much, because I’m a sport trainer you look like some swimmer :))) Joke I hope you have humor sense.
Ok I really appreciate you for the information.
Excuse me that I’m ask you but tell me something to you.
In fact I sow that you have a lot of posts in the sites and I so happy of that fact that especially you wrote me.
I wishing you Have a nice weekend and lovely kisses from your own people :))))


Most people don’t seem to like the photo Coachvalkov, so I’m glad you appreciate it.
Some people don’t even believe it’s me, though it is!

Swimming is my sport, as it happens. I don’t usually wear the specs int he water though.


Hello Be I hope you feeling good!
First of all I want to thank you for your answer.
How you can see I’m a quite new here and when I wrote whit any one and than I get back the answer for Me that mean the human front side understand me. And I’m really really happy! Because I never believe my self I can do. What ever my thought.
From your words I understood I take my shoot directly in the 10 point :slight_smile: I mean I recognize you in fact you are a swimmer Am I right :slight_smile:
And one thing more I want to excuse me for that I writ for the things that not corespondent whit the causes in this site and I hope I’m not disturb you. If I have to honest for me is more interesting to write whit you about life and other staff.
Ok BE I wish quite and nice weekend!
And do not worry your picture is great I’m a little sad because I try to take off my profile picture and to put it on another but I couldn’t. Next time and you can show more of you :slight_smile: Not only I and many other deserve because I seeing you answer a lot of people and I suppose you know how motivate is that :slight_smile:
I try to sound like some cool Englishman : Cheer’s Buddy ! :slight_smile:


Hi Coachvalcov,

You seem to have removed your original photo, but not replaced it with a new one. Have you been able to upload it?

Please note the spelling of ‘myself’, ‘with’ and ‘quiet’. :slight_smile:


Hello My Dear Friend - BE.
I hope you like to call you that.
First let do some class work now you are my trainer and I’m your player. Ok I get it what are you wanna to say me My English is awful. And of course I thank you for your question. “Whit” meaning is a small or bigger part of something and this is the only one of the several meanings of this word. “Quiet” means peaceful or fluent and etc. “Myself” mean my own.
I admit I made lots of mistakes in the latest letter that I wrote you, they were so many but we commit each other that I’m the player you are the coach.
BE I posted my new picture but in it I’m in my true role. As you can see I handed my cup it was COOL!
Look BE I want to share something WITH you. Probably after a month one of my dreams coming try. And it is to visit UK and my wish is not only to visit it, I want to stay there and to live there. I was so amazed when I saw that you are from UK. I’m hurry to say you don’t have to worry I don’t want anything from you. It sounds a little bit rude but you know what happen to me at least 3 times some girls wrote me just like that even I don’t know them and they want my helps to come to me – this is funny!
But do you know how you can help me? Simple you just can write me what is the more important things that I have to know about this country, about the people or to know how I can prepare better for my new challenge.
BE you can refuse me and that’s OK probably you are a busy person but the finally decision is yours.
By the way let me tell you my full name and it is Vladisla Valkov. Coachvalkov comes from that fact I’m a really coach trainer and I specialize in sport with name Handball (if you wanna I can tell you more for it – you know this is an Olympic sport for long time ago).
I want to show off with something on Monday I will have a official defend of my dissertation and if I doing well I’ll get the last level of the university education in Bulgaria – PHD level, it not so big deal but for me is.
OK BE that all of me for today. Again I want to tell you THANKS a LOT!!!
I wish you sunny Sunday, good luck and all Best!
P.S. can you tell me your full first name?


Hello CoachValkov,

Thanks for telling us a little about yourself. Your English is a lot better than my Bulgarian, so you should stop putting yourself down. I think all the learners on this site are amazing, regardless of their current English level. I had guessed from your nickname that you were into sport. I know a little about handball.
I need to point out straight away that I am not a designated trainer for you. Your messages appear on a public forum and do not come direct to me. This means that I will not always see all of your messages (depending on the amount of time I have), so please be kind enough to excuse me if I don’t answer any of them directly.
My role here is to answer direct questions about English language usage, rather than to engage in personal correspondence with the learners.
Here are some aspects you might want to work on:
“First let do some class work” - there is no subject, First let’s (us) do… or first let me do…
“I get it what are you wanna to say me My English is awful.” - Should be ‘I get what you want to say to me. My English is awful’ (though it isn’t!). Note particularly that the word ‘wanna’ does not exist in accurate English. It is a combination of ‘want to’ which has evolved over many years from running together of speech. You might hear it in oral conversations between friends or in song lyrics, but as far as I am concerned it has no place in standard written English. The same goes for 'gotta, shoulda, etc. If you want to speak and write English well, you need to avoid writing these.
Probably after a month one of my dreams coming try - I think you mean “Probably in about a month one of my dreams will be coming true.”

Good luck with your dissertation! A PhD is a cause for celebration and a high accolade in any country. Good luck also with your move to the UK.


Hi BE!
Thanks for that you not disappoint me again! And answer me so quickly!
I understand you prity well and I try to not doing this one more time – I mean to share my though here in this global site. I don’t want bother you.
Yes of course your correction is so wright. In the past I herad that rule for the word „want to” but I forgoten it. And normal - when I did this before? To write with real native speaker. NEVER.
Firs let me to excuse you for the sentence that I was write:
“I get it what are you wanna to say me My English is awful.”
I don’t want to get me wrong. This tought is only mine, it isen’t yours  And pleas forgeve me if I’m confusing you. I know my English is not good, and you, like a wonderful teacher try to be gentle. I appreciate you! I’m teacher to and like most of them (teachers) I try to be critical by myself.
Pleas can you answer me on this question:
What you mean with this? – “You need to avoid writing these”
You mean to rewrite some text, or to try to write some mine story.
And one more thing I realized that in my writing letters very often I repeat the words “with”, “that”, “this”, “want” and other. Do you thing that is right or it false?
One of mine big problem is grammar and especially the tense, but this is normal about any new learner.
For the UK I hope after in a mount to post my new picture beside to “Big Bend”
BE be good and health.
(P.S. for the handball – when next year the biggest event coming true in UK “Olympics 2012” probably you will learn more)