Please read this first. Thanks


thank you my dear friend
nowadays I’m quite busy, becauce I have examination of last year - the final examination, see you again or next time
2- really I have a little information in using computer , then how can send voice ? otherwise my computer hasn’t mac , I’m working in my office and it is not private computer
best best regard


Hello Mr.Torsten, I have recieved lesson number 14 and i do write some examples to see your comments:
If i get some money,I will buy sun glassess
if i were you i would learn spanish
if i had travelled at USA, I would have gotten some photo of there
thank you very much for your efforts


hie, Torsten!:slight_smile: thank you for your understanding too-you seem very patient and interested in me:):):slight_smile: it is my first time here in forum though I am reading your mails always. I am a teacher of English in Russia and I was very happy to find this site for my own practice. I have one question: all mails are in English, all grammar rules are in English, so how can the beginner understand this?:)If I know nothing, how can I read about simple things which are in English?this was my doubt when I was going to give a link of your site to my students.:slight_smile:


Dear English Team as ours teacher,

Nice to found this website, now i have to prepare my English writing for my new job. So, i attemp to write some topic in the forums everday and hoping someone can help me correct my mistake. Thanks.


Please what is the job? and what is the exactly topics you look after?


Thank you, first i would like to tell you my view of education and work. I was graduate from Science view, Biotechnology and Plant Biological control. Presently, i work for insurance claim. Just recently, i have opportunity to get the new challenge job that are secretary of Marketing and Production Manager. My work huge to use English language, eventually i less practice for writing. So, my work will involve about response email of import, oder the raw material and then export the finished products. Moreover, we will order the chemical and selection by the list. Yes! its must sound like this.

I would like to learn how polite writing english and make customers huge satisfying. That all how the response the such email.

Thank you for your kind assistance



You said that you worked in the Biological control , and had graduated from the biotechnology college , then you have learned and practiced in science language , so if you need to learn the ( Real English language ) I advise you to find ( AJ Hoge ) the best English teacher online , and you will soon find his simple language along several stages.


2- Polite business message pattern:
After you have been writing the receiver address on the upper left corner and the required data ( name of the company , street No, the date of sent , etc. ) , follow your writing by dear Sir or dear manager and so on , begin by sentence like ; I would like to tell you. I would like to greet you. I would like to inform you about for example the matter of the trading or marketing , for example about the price, i.e, commercial message or offering him some proposals about the business.
important note : these messages almost are short because those people often are engaged and haven’t a waste of time to read a long messages.


Dear Ms. Claudine & Mr. Torsten
I’m from Romania, Banat area. I find very interesting these English Lesson. In fact in my mail inbox I received NUMBER 34 English Lesson but I am at 4.
I discovered your English lessons are free in this world where almost all cost a lot.
Thank you.All the best!
Best Regards,


Dear Mr Torsten,

I am frank lau from sichuan province ,China.
I learned a lot from each lesson you sent me.From basic knowledge to upper ones,during this course,I combine what I learned in the past with what you tell me,I reach a good effect.
Many thanks for your help .
Best regards.
Frank Lau


Thank you for your advice, i would focus about the business writing which should be short and understandable. And how i can connect with teacher AJ Hoge?
By the way, today i and my friend go to cinema to watch the movie name is inception. It is funny. People that watching this movie can be following the story and thinking how they are, how they were ,and how they will be. But i do not know the exaclty relate about the meaning of the name inception. Do you know?

Today it so lately, this time for the bed time. Bye bye good night.

see you next message.


you can ask about the ( effortless learning English programs ) , which mean learning English by the less possible effort you do through online , and you can find links here inside the forum to the online lessons. please search this site:


Thank you… ka i going to try this site.


Thank you Sue Darville, Alen, Torsten and all the moderators for that piece of information provided above. I just new here. But i joined this forum because I believe that it will help me in building up my English to a higher standard.


I’ve got a little problem. I would be very grateful, if you will be able to cope with it. While doing tests online, I press one answer, and while checking mistakes I see that another variant was chosen, and as a rule, incorrect answer was chosen. but i knew that it was not right and I had pressed “the right” variant. So why does it happen vice versa?.
what can i do to change the situation?


hi Darik,

We can’t possibly answer this effectively unless you can say what test/question (provide a link) you were attempting and what answer you were trying to select.


Hello. Thank you for attention to my problem. I continue doing the tests, and as far as i will face that problem again. I’ll write here in details.
Best wishes, Daria.


Hi to faculty of this site, as everybody says its really useful and beneficial for all, especially existing questions and also chance of asking our questions here easily and free and getting answer as soon as possible…


Darik When you doing your test please dont select answers using your keyboard. Instead just use your mouse, click the right answer, scroll down using the mouse, and then attempt next question. Hope this helps you.


Thanks very much . but i have a suggestion can we have a Live chat. please help us look to it