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Good afternoon,
My name is fatou. Iam realy very pleased about this web site.this english course is very clear for me.I like everything about it .Today I made some progress and I hope to do my best next time.
Thanks to Sue Darville, Alen, Torsten and all of member :smiley: :smiley:


thank you


I teach ESl in California. I have created a site with links to many computer based english language learning sites. I think you may find it useful.


Hello to you all! I love this website. It has really helped me improve a bit in my communication skills.
I will continue to use it for more improvement.

Again, thank you!


You probably mean ‘English’ not ‘english’.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between two students (1)[YSaerTTEW443543]


Thanks,that really the truth !!

English have great aims than just a chat!



I did write some questiones and I never have seen any answers. I really need to know the answers of these questiones,please. May be I don’t know how to look for them. Please will you explain this to me? Thank you.


I can’t understand how to use the forum.Could someone explain to me???
Thank you very much!!!


Dear Mr.Torsten,
Thank you for the lessons you are sending me regularly. I have a problem because I can’t listen the Audio Lessons, 'but I’m doing the tests, in fact some of the tests I’ve done without registering. Sorry for not replying to you about some answers you required.
I work for an international company at present, used to be a teacher of english in a primary school. I am from a small place which recently declared its Independence.
Wish success to all participants in this course.
Best Regards


I’m amazed about this site, i’ts will help me a lot to improve my speaking english
I want to say: thank you very much, you gys are doing a excellent job. I’m try to learn english for long time, and i got a lot of stuff of grammar, vocabulary,etc…but i never found a site that improve my speak, so i’m so glad today to find you gys…very,very happy!!!
Naligia…(sorry my mistakes)


I’m just checking out the site for mine English students. I think they’ll find it interesting. Keep up the good work.


Oops. See how easy it is to make a mistake! That should be “my English students”


Hi Torsten, I´m really sorry for my not posting on this forum, but I´ve been very busy in last, because I´ve been writing a work for my final German language skills test. As well, I sometimes don´t find necessary to post all the answers on your questions here when it is more than clear for everyone and more people have already answered that question. Don´t take that so as i wouldn´t be interested in it I only prefer doing tests at which I see my outcome isn´t alwas the best one and I´ve to practise it more…


A lot of thanks to the moderators for giving us such a platform where we can interact & improve a lot. It’s a great place for the people like me who are interested & compelled to learn english.


Please Sir, how can i write topics in this forum?
I want to sent topics for u, in order to correct them if u plz


To : Alan Townend
All messages that I have recieved contain your publish ebook on grammar which its price about 9 $ , I just ask ;how can I send money with no visa or any account type that I have, the price is so less to do such exerted effort, then the copy, however reach the consumer as electonic copy. What is your suggestion my soul ?
note: I read the information above, and I think it is not a bit of confusion, because I sent an private message, but no reply has come.


Hello Mohammad,

Thanks a lot for your message. I suggest you use all the free materials on our site since it will be difficult for you to purchase the PDF version of ‘English Grammar through Stories’ without a PayPal account or a credit card. However, if you post at least 5 voice messages here on the forum you can get the ebook for free. Does this sound like a fair deal to you?

Best regards,

TOEIC listening, talks: Leaving a voice message for a potential Internet business partner[YSaerTTEW443543]


Please read this: … r_question[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, talks: Promoting the services of a fitness center[YSaerTTEW443543]


That is really a great help Torsten. Can it applies to me too?

Kind regards.