Please read this before writing your next essay!

I am not prepared to simply allow people to post three, four, and in some cases, five essays all together, especially when the work is shoddy and containing MANY simple errors. If that is the best you can do, then I accept that fact … but at least wait until one has been edited and commented upon so that the second might by an improvement on the first.

How do you expect to learn ANYTHING by just churning out the same old repetitive, and often badly spelled, text.

I have said it MANY times; I only want your BEST efforts. I will not edit the same old mistakes over and over!

If you cannot spell, then get a dictionary any way you can. Don’t wait for me to correct every spelling error for you.

This is YOUR future, not mine! If you are a serious student, then you are warmly welcomed. If you are not, then please go and pay some other person to tolerate your ignorance.


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