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  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future. Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

Whether difficult experiences in our lives are valuables lessons or not is a heated topic of much debate. Some people assert that clever people learn from others mistakes not from their own faults. As far as I am concerned, difficult experiences in our lives become valuable lessons for the future for several reasons.
To begin with, we learn from our own mistakes. There is no doubt that people acquire more knowledge, when they become part of the whole process. My own experience may shed some light on this point. When I first started to work in my company, I was not reponsible and puncual person. Moreover, I used to procrestinate a lot and leave things half done. Once I failed to accomplish all assignements on time and was not able to meet the deadlines which negatively impact the company. My director got frustrated and considered me to be very irresponsible person. From them on I practiced to be a person who do not procrestinate and leave things half done.
In addition, you gain real life experience. Even if you go through many books it is not able to avoid faults. The situation that you face in real life can be very difficult and different from the one preceived by you through books. Through absorving different situations you gain mostly abstract information rather than facing and handling the situation in real life you gain first hand information. For example when I started to work as a teacher it was very difficult to speak in front of many students and work with them, as I have never experienced it before. Therefore I had many conflicts with my students as I did not how to deal with them. Despite many warning and pieces of advice that I used to get from my friends and parents, however situation were very distinguished and unique. However, even making mistakes I learned to to go through many ordeals and handle different situations with my students.
Finally, difficult experiences shape our character. We learn to become stronger mentally. We learn to resist all harships and never withdrow when we encounter impediments. They say ‘‘what does not kill us make as stronger’’. Furthermore, sometimes it is even imperative to go over obstacles in order to become successful and appreciate our achievements. Journeys to success are not that smooth and flat, they are laden with bumps.
To sum up, it is indisputable that difficult expreinces are valuable lessons as they learn us to become stronger and go through hardships and diffculties on our life. Getting over impediments we gain first hand information and pave our paths to success.

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Hi, your essay is not too bad. You started off very strong, but seemed to have more and more errors towards the end. You have some good points, but a couple odd sentences confused me a little. You also had a vast number of spelling errors. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.