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Topic: When people need to complain about a poor product or service, some prefer to complain by writing and others prefer to complain in person. Which way do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

When people buy a poor product or receive a bad service, they all have their own choices of responding to the producers or service provider. Some people choose to write emails or complaint letters while others prefer to go right to the manufacturing places or services offices to express their dissatisfactions. Toward this problem, I would suggest everyone to complain in person for several reasons; let me explain.

First of all, it is plain to see that complaining in person is far more effective than in writing. For example, imagine that you are in the situation that you just have bought a poor chocolate and your son’s stomach is aching due to eating it. Now, you should go right to the store with the evidence of your aching son to complain about the low-quality food; this will be more trusted than just write that” my son’s stomach is tormenting him.” In addition, when you stand in front of the store-boss, you can use your body language combined with your facial expressions to show that you are in a very angry mood. I believe that the boss will easily be persuaded.

Secondly, you can receive the compensation right after you have showed the problem if you are face-to-face with the bosses. For example, I once went on vacation to Sai Gon with some of my friends in a tour held by a tourist company. The problem was that the guidance was so lazy. He did not concern about my questions related to the history of the city and what is more, he always slept in the bus all the time. Then, I made a service encounter and showed how disappointed I was about the guidance. I was then enjoyed a very conscientious and funny new guidance; the company had replaced the lazy staff that had accompanied us before. I then knew that there were some people who had fallen into my situation at that time; they wrote a letter to the boss and they just received the replacement in two or three days.

Finally, you will not always receive the responses from people in responsibility by writing. The emails addresses and addresses of the manufacturers or service officers are officially stated in the Internet. Consequently, there could be someone who loves kidding and they would be willing to send some emails or letters that contain no content or even impolite words. The staffs that are accountable for checking new emails will be very exhausted when they usually see these trash mails and delete it immediately; therefore, no one can ensure that your emails will definitely be concerned and read.

To sum up, complaining in person has numerous benefits such as effectiveness, immediate compensation and being responded all the time. With the advantages, I hope every person will choose the right way of meeting the one who is in authority.

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Hi Voyager, I thought you did a great job with this essay. Your format is effective and your examples are clear and convincing. Most of your writing sounds very natural, but you do have some odd phrases here and there and some minor usage errors. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5 - just a note, I have decided to stiffen up my ratings recently, so this is not really a drop off from your previous work.