Please rate this essay. Are parents are the best teachers?

No one can deny that parents are the best and first teachers. They were the fire who triggered our learning skills; as they taught us how to walk, how to talk and later in our lives; they also have great role in the real world’s teaching life experiences.
Early in life, parents are the only people known for their child, surrounding him with care and love, and of course giving him too much time in order to teach him the early skills. Such as, waiving, talking, eating and walking. One of my remarkable memory was with mom trying to teach me how to pronounce the letter “R”, which I had difficulty with, but eventually I was able to say it correctly after great courage from my mom; by rewarding me with my favorite cookies. Furthermore, children could acquire much more skills by witnessing their parents and imitating their way of behaves. For example, I remember when I was three years old that I used to wear my father’s glasses and hold newspaper in the same manner he was doing. As a result, as I grew up, my father’s habits were reflexed in my behavior became more interested in reading.
Moreover, as kids grow, they are in need for diverse of teachers. Thus, we could see a student affected by his science teacher and absorbing from his passion for science. For example, when I was in final year of secondary school I was so impressed with my teacher, because she was so amiable and smart. She never ignored a student’s question, and was simple beside being so close to us. As a result, I and some of my colleagues became more interested in science and this affected our career path as well. However, academic teachers are not always the ideal model for their students, and hence parents still maintain their role in supervising and guiding their children. This is because blind mimic of strangers manners, even if they are teachers might lead to gaining unacceptable skills. For example, let’s imaging if a teacher smokes, then some students may start smoking too. Thus, parents should be open-eyed to prevent such inadequate behavior before it becomes a habit.
In conclusion, parents are the early and best teachers for their child, even if they are not well educated but at least they are the most who care and love, besides school’s role.

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Hi, your essay is pretty good. You have some very vivid examples and much of your writing sounds pretty natural. You do have some sentences where you string phrases together with commas - it is better to have good transitions between the phrases. You have some punctuation problems and a couple of incorrectly structured sentences. I did not really like your third body paragraph as it seemed to argue against your thesis. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

Thank you very much for your time and help. Actually, my writing skills decreased so much, while I got 5 in the TOEFL test I had taken two years ago! Hopefully I can improve quickly.

Hi Loly, you know what they say, “Use it or lose it!” That being said, there is no guarantee that my ratings will completely correspond to an official TOEFL grader’s ratings, but hopefully my corrections will provide you with some guidance.