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Q : parents are best teachers…

According my personal opinion parents are certainly our best teachers. Many important things are taugh us by our parents. They never tired and always do their jobs lovely. Also they never want to be retire. The indisputable reality that our teachers who teach us all general things (like writing, reading) are certainly valuable for us and their efforts are certainly admirable but no one can hold our parents place.

I was seven years old when I started elementary school . I remembered that there were many children around me. Some of them were crying, some of them were looking around. I was keeping my fathers hand and my mom was stroking my hair. After that she told me : " Don’t forget my advices. You should always be honest, friendly and respectful. If you need to go to toilet you can say your teacher. Now you can go your class. " Now I am thinking that I had already had a teacher and learnt many things about life. Through my mother and father…

My parents play the most important role while I build my personality. Altough sometimes angry with me I know that they think always my goodness. When I need help they always be my side for showing right way. Thus making mistakes are never scared me because I have know that if I make wrong I can turn and can learn trues from my best teachers.

In conclusion, I have learnt many important things from my parents. To be honest , respectful, hard working, clean…I am thinking that I borrowed these traits and I should give to my children. If a person who wants to be father or mother, s/he firstly should prepare his/herself perfectly for being teacher.

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