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1.Talk about an organization that you would like to join. Explain why you would like to join this organization.

I would like to join Chinses photography society because of two reasons: first of all, I like photography very much. By taking photos, I can keep every beautiful moment of my life, not only to stay in camera but also to stay in my heart. Secondly, Living as a professional photographer was a dream to be came true when I was young. I hope to join the photography society could be my first step to realize it. And in the society, I will have so many chances to meet some real professional photographer, even build friendship with them. It’s very good for improving my skills and knowledge to understand. So that’s why I would like to join the photography society.

2.Some students prefer to study for only one long time during a week. Others students prefer to study several short times during a week. which do you prefer and explain why?

Personally, I prefer to study several short times during a week, because of two reasons. First of all, I think studying is not the only important thing in our life. We also need some free time to develop our own hobbies or meet friends, they will be as useful as studying in the future. Secondly, for example. when you have done some sports, you’ll come back with a soberer mind and a good mood. it is absolutely helpful to study, That’s what we called “Strike a proper balance between work and rest.” Above all, you’ll have a more enriched and interesting week if you prefer to study several times during a week

Another question:There is a topic really confused me,it said:"what did you learn in your childhood?"what does it mean?it means some real skills leaned in childhood or something on the moral values?Both of them are ok?

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