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Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved
the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your
Some people doesn’t have enough time to prepare wealthy food at home and need to buy half-staff meal, others enjoy eating sandwiches and burgers in “fast-foods”. Both of these opportunities are available because there is much food which is easy to prepare. In my opinion, these seemingly good possibilities have got a serious negative impact to people’s health.

Firstly, there are lots of fast-food restaurants everywhere. Nowadays, people spend their time going to such kind of restaurants instead of preparing the healthy food at home. People also go there just to enjoy their time and also to eat, but they don’t think about the negative contribution of this food to their lives such as getting fat and ill. For example, this problem is widely-known in United States because there are lots of restaurants such as McDonalds or KFC and people prefer to have a meal there. Thus, in the result of eating unhealthy food people become ill…

Secondly, in recent times in the supermarkets people can see more and more half-stuff meal, and they buy it to make the preparation of dinner easier and quicker. Of course, they will win time, but at the same time they would lose their health, because such kind of food has got lots of ingredients and additives which are very dangerous to our organisms. The companies which product these half-staff meals add many ingredients to make their product more attractive and easy to prepare, which are not good to us. For example, yesterday, while being in the supermarket I saw half-stuff pizza, which needs only to bring it to the gas and wait 15 minutes until it will become ready. But when I saw the list of ingredients I was shocked to see a big amount of different unhealthy additives.
Nowadays, people have a chance to eat food which is easy to prepare both at home or in “fast foods” and this change have a great impact to our health. In my opinion , this impact is very negative and people should think about what they eat and where they eat because the food has a great influence to our health. Even if it takes some time to prepare healthy food at home, it is better to do this and to be sure, that you eat healthy meal.

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Hi, your writing was quite good. I thought your two body paragraphs were maybe a bit too similar - 1, Fast food is unhealthy 2. prepared food in supermarkets is unhealthy. Maybe you could have one paragraph about additives and the other about high fat and calories. I think I would rate this essay a 3.5 out of 5. I have no idea what half-staff means - is this an Indian term?

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Yes, i mean frozen meals…)

People attend school for many different reasons (for example, expanded knowledge, societal awareness, and enhanced interpersonal relationships). Why do you think people decide to go to school? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
No one denies having a good qualify life and a happy family. A basic knowledge is very important to everyone who thinks about their good future because it helps to build a solid foundation family in a social life today. If people want to get a good salary, they should go to school to get an education. In fact, there are many advantages such as getting a good salary, teaching their own children, and expanding knowledge.
One of the most important to go to school gets a good salary. A good salary sometimes is make a happy family and also satisfies with demands in life such as buy a fancy house, pretty clothes, or deluxe meals. Nowadays with economics situation, life is more difficulty to looking for a job, and many companies want to hire people who have a good education. Thus, people should need to prepare their good future by going to school.
In addition to get a good salary, education is very need to teach their children. Family play role a basic society and people go to school should be proud of their education. Parents have a good education, so they can check up their children to do homework or tell them about difficult lessons. Moreover, they will get a good communication when to discuss about projects.
Beside of teaching their children, education is very important to expanding knowledge. For example, when my favorite friend and I talk about one of subjects of social, I go to school at least I know some answer to discuss to my friend. I am proud that I can explain more whatever I learn from school.
In conclusion, education is a basic knowledge to everybody gets to a high salary, to teach their children, and also expand knowledge. We should put ourselves in education environment to better life.

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Hi, your essay had pretty good structure, but your vocabulary is very basic and you had a plethora of grammar mistakes.

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