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Hello sir, actually I got confused about this essay as it is supportive one. Please give me your comments on this one. Thank you.

Question 1: Reading

Throughout modern history there have been culturally iconic phenomena found in pop culture that permeate language that is used within a culture.

The primary sources of pop culture are found especially in entertainment, literature and sport, which contribute to help shape the day to day oral interactions throughout a culture. Teenagers often utilize different expressions compared to what their parents used when they were young, and this indicates that there have been alternative phenomena influencing language at different times.

There is also variation in language across nations, which can be bridged when a culturally significant event transcends national boundaries. However, language will vary from culture to culture as the popular culture of any one country is not often prominent, or even known for that matter, in another. This is because different cultures often have media that is not readily available to distant cultures and this isolation of pop culture to a geographic area creates diversity in language used in places all around the world.

My answer:

The reading passage and the lecturer talks about language that is used within a popular culture. The reading passage states that the language that is commonly spoken in popular culture has been influenced by many sources at different era, however language may be vary from culture to culture all around the world. Similarly, the lecturer talks about the same points and provides supporting details and examples to illustrate them.

To begin with, the reading passage mentions that entertainment, literature, sports are primary sources of popular culture, and has influenced language at different times. Like wise, the lecture mentions that when we use famous phrases in our daily talks, sometimes we just say without knowing the underlined meaning of them, but in reality, we submerge to the popular culture. He gives an example of a famous phrase “May the force be with you” from the movie “Star Wars” that became famous in 1977 in all western countries such as Britain, America, Canada and so on. However now people may not know this saying or its meaning as they know about Harry potter movies. Thus the language that is used in popular culture has a great effect of entertaining media of different era. This point directly supports the information stated in the reading passage.

In addition, the reading passage points out that even though language has been influenced by alternative phenomena, sometime it is confined to the isolated area and differs from country to country because different cultures often have media that are not available to distant culture. The lecturer agree with this point and gives an example of some words that are famous in Canada. He states that these words are used in one of the comedy shows in Canada. However people of other countries do not know the meaning of these words because they are not aware of this show. Thus even though language has been changed in different era, sometimes it is limited to one particular area or place. Hence many languages are used in different cultures through out the world. This point also bolsters the assertion stated in the reading passage.

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Hi, I don’t have the lecture, but it sounds like you have done an outstanding job at summarizing its points. I agree that from my reading, usually the lecture on the actual TOEFL contradicts the reading.

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