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The wide spread use of internet has given people access to information on a level never experienced before. How does this increase in availability in information influence life in today’s world ?

                         World Wide Web today popularly known as internet is growing rapidly. The early reason for internet was mainly to have a communication between the computers of a firm and their inventors had no idea that it would be so helpful to mankind. Internet today is not limited to computers but also smart phones and tablet pc. With advancement of internet in terms of speed and connectivity many websites have flourished. This has lead to have a source of information which cannot be compared to any book or library. It has certainly changed lifestyle of today’s world.                                     

                         Its revolution started right when the first free email hotmail was launched. Due do this people all over the world were connected freely and could send or receive information for free and within a fraction of second. Today students can ask doubts to their professors via email can share the information with them easily. This has certainly changed our traditional way of asking doubts. Moreover student can not only clear his doubt with his professor but also with other expertise of his subject on internet.

                           Moreover the online encyclopedia and dictionary have also developed a lot. One of the famous website like Wikipedia has changed the definition of encyclopedia where information all over the world is available and on top of that for free. These websites help us a lot in our learning process.                                  Suppose we don’t know about a place where it is, what do you do? Of course we Google it. The search engine like google has empowered us to find any location on our world by their powerful services like Google maps. By using these services we can find its exact location and also the route to reach the place. Thus internet helps us to get the information which we cannot find in any book in just a fraction of seconds.                               
                           In sum, internet has revolutionized our way of sharing  information, the old traditional way of finding the information in books and also the  use of  maps to find certain places in the world.

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Hi, I thought your essay was quite good. I think most people say “the internet” instead of just “internet”. You have some good ideas. You have focused more though on what the specific uses of the internet are as opposed to how these uses have changed the overall society - smarter people? fewer libraries? different ways of making friends and having relationships? Maybe some “big picture” ideas would be good. Your writing was pretty clear, although you did have some odd sounding or somewhat unclear phrases here and there. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.